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The Home Screen

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With a multitude of features from the home screen alone, there really is no shortage of what you can achieve on Audeez. The best part is- we're just getting started.


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Search like never before. Our Filter Search enables you to create an accurate but tailored approach to finding the talent and professionals you require. By simplifying the traditional methods of making industry connections, you now have multiple options to make sure you are getting only the most relevant outcomes through Audeez.

Connect with users.
Join Community pages.

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Upload as Simple as
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Audeez allows every single user to express their talents and abilities in their own creative but professional way. Audeez profiles bring the performing arts talent pools to life. By putting a person behind every name, a voice behind every song and a face behind every audition, Audeez empowers its users to express their creative abilities through the multitude of features on their profiles.

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