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What else does Audeez have to offer?

Audeez Pro - Subscription Service

Audeez Pro will allow you to enjoy endless amounts of content advertisement free, track your progress with
auto-updating analytics identifying where your profile is performing well and under-performing, and upload unlimited
minutes of content. The cap without being a subscriber is a limit of 500 minutes in total.


Ticket Sales

Do you host events and sell tickets? Tired of the high charging fees from current ticket selling services? Look no further, on average we will offer an 8% fee reduction compared to current ticket selling websites. We will handle all ticket sales for your events with our easy to set up ticket buying and selling system. This allows our partners to have an easy to use, easy to manage and cost effective way of selling tickets.

Audeez Projects - Subscription Service

Create projects with Audeez- assemble teams via the platform for your future and existing projects. List added members as their role, for instance; director, cameraman, producer. Through the use of Audeez projects a private team will be able to converse, strategize and create to bring their ideas to life. The pricing structure and differences of the services are split into three categories, as followed:

  • Bronze:

Up to 2 x Projects per/month

Up to 10 x Professional Roles per/project

£5.00/per month, £25.00/6 months, £50.00/12 months

  • Silver:

Up to 5 x Projects per/month.

Up to 25 x Professional Roles per/project

£15.00/per month, £75.00/6 months, £150.00/12 months

  • Gold

Unlimited Project Allowance.

Unlimited Professional Roles per/project.

£40.00/per month, £225.00/6 months, £450.00/12 months

Tip the Artist

Via the artists profile, fans and patrons have the opportunity to tip the artist, show that extra bit of love and appreciation that you feel your favourite artists deserve.

Audeez Store

From music rights to stage lights, Audeez Store gives everyone involved in the industry the opportunity to buy and sell all entities affiliated with the performing arts; digital & physical. Are you a band looking to monetise off merchandise? A freelance actress with free time for bookings? Audeez store has you covered.


I know what you're thinking, doesn't every social media service offer this? Well, yes. This is why Audeez have gone the extra mile for our users. If you're an actress / actor trying to gain managers and agents attention in your area; simply select the appropriate filters when purchasing advertisement, allowing your content to become displayed on all relevant agents “Suggested” feeds instantly. One way to promote yourself to your target audience with Audeez.

My project-1 (11).png

Beginning early 2019, Audeez is a company with a small team devoted to bringing the Audeez community to life. There has been a huge amount of time devoted to making sure Audeez becomes a community experience to work for our customers. By making sure our designs are fit to be an easy-to-use application, making sure all aspects of the app are able to create the perfect connections between artists and industry professionals, but most importantly designing an interface which allows each and every user to express their true artistic visionaries for the world to see, but we're not there yet. While the foundations and planning for Audeez are in place, we are now seeking investments to turn our vision into what we believe is a platform capable of revolutionising the way people work in the performing arts industries.

With approximately 80,000 listed employees involved with performing arts industries throughout the UK alone, we believe each and every one of them could benefit from Audeez, on both a national and international level. All of the students world wide who are in performing arts colleges or taking performing arts degrees at university, a large number of them will be thinking what comes next? What am I going to do? Well Audeez is here to take these problems away. Audeez gives everybody a chance, everyone get's an equal opportunity with the ability to display their work to the right people like never before, the ability to connect with industry professionals with only a few clicks. With Audeez, you decide your future.

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